There are not many areas of the home that will be subject to the wears and tears of daily life like the flooring.  Consider heels, toys, pets and daily wear, or a spilled glass of wine or a dropped plate, floors need to stand up to a variety of situations.  Today, there are many options when it comes to choosing what type of flooring to go with, the color and composition of the product and the style are all in great variety these days.  So, whether you are in the market for a new hardwood floor or you need a piece of linoleum in your bathroom, we have you covered!  Here is a more in depth summary of our flooring services.

  • New subfloor – we can install new plywood/pro-board as a base for your new project.  All subfloors are glued and screwed/nailed as per National Flooring Association industry specifications.
  • Resilient flooring – Linoleum and vinyl floors, appropriate for areas of the house like bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms etc, are coverings we install.
  • VCT – Vinyl composite tiles are made by Armstrong Flooring and usually seen in commercial or office situations.
  • Laminate – With the advent of advanced printing, the look of laminate floors have come a long way.  We are experts at these installations.
  • Hardwood – There is nothing like the feel of real wood.
  • Tile – From ceramic and porcelain, to slate and marble, we install all types of tile.
  • Carpet – nothing beats carpet for softness, sound dampening and comfort.  We install all types of carpet.