Spare Bedroom

Portfolio Categories: General Renovations/ Restorations.

Needing a temporary bedroom for their nanny, we were called to install a few walls and door, making it look completely finished by have it be removable in a few years.  The wall was framed out in 2x4s, drywalled and taped.  After sanding final coat, the wall was primed and painted with two coats of Benjamin Moore Aura.  Finally, a door was installed and baseboard/casing installed and voila, another room!

Steel Garage

Portfolio Categories: Special Projects.

This garage is right on the property line, with the dividing wall in the centre of the garage right on the line.  The project included building a steel garage, separating it into two halves and building a front wall with two garage doors.  We started with having the pad poured, standing the building and securing the perimeter.  We then framed out the front wall and joined it with the wall running down the centre.  We boarded and taped the dividing wall with 5/8 fire code drywall, primed and painted it.  After securing sheeting to the front wall, we fastened metal lath and stuccoed it.  The front wall was then painted and automatic garage doors were installed.

Continuous Oak Handrail

Here we were asked to run a handrail to bring these stairs up to code.  We installed a continuous oak handrail, stained with one coat of golden oak and clear coated with two coats of Benjamin Moore Stays Clear.

Pass Through Opening

Portfolio Categories: Finish Carpentry.

With a previous addition to the dwelling, the old window was covered over.  In looking to open the feel of the house up, we were asked to create a pass through in the old opening.  After demo, we framed up the opening , installed wire for our lights and finished with paint grade pine and trims.  After priming with Benjamin Moore Fresh Start we applied two coats of Benjamin Moore Aura and to complete the installation, we installed three LED lights to accent the opening in the evening.

Shelving Unit/Bulkhead

Portfolio Categories: Finish Carpentry and Special Projects.

With a new gas fireplace being installed, we were asked to build some shelves and  a bulkhead.   Working from a picture, we designed the custom shelves to fit over the existing bases.  We removed the crown moulding from the end wall and built a bulk head, within which we wired four dimmable LED pot lights and a plug.  The project was primed with Benjamin Moore Fresh Start and top coated with two coats of Benjamin Moore Advance. A stunning and elegant look.

Bay Window Seat

Portfolio Categories: Finish Carpentry.

On this project, we were asked to build a window seat, with shelves and the heat vent.  We started with a 2×4 frame perfectly leveled and plumbed.  We built the bench using nine ply Baltic Birch and incorporated the heat vent into the front.  The bench was trimmed out with cove round and the entire project primed and painted.  It turned out gorgeous and has become the focal point of the room as well as a favorite hang out area in the house!

Kitchen Cabinet Retrofit

Portfolio Categories: Finish Carpentry.

Here we were asked to remove existing cabinet, and after the plumber installed the new dishwasher, to finish off the space with some shelves.

Sorry, we forgot to take a before picture, the cabinet that was there was a 2 door, 2 drawer cabinet.  The lost cabinet space was made up with an IKEA mobile set of shelves, and the dishwasher looks like it is supposed to be there.  Perfect!

Security Door/Sneeze Guard

Portfolio Categories: Finish Carpentry, General Renovations/ Restorations, and Special Projects.

Here we were asked to build a wall complete with a door and plexiglass sneeze guard for this medical clinic.  We built a standard 2×4 wall and secured it to the front desk.  To finish this wall, we ended up sheeting it in oak to match existing.  We then installed a custom piece of plexiglass with a cutout for sliding paperwork to the secretary.  A 36″ door was installed with locking knob and finally, a paper holder and shelf were built to finish things off.

Entrance way Renovation

Portfolio Categories: Finish Carpentry, General Renovations/ Restorations, Rough Carpentry/Framing, and Special Projects.

Sorry folks,  poor “before” pictures.  This entrance way was old and needing a facelift.  We gutted it down to studs, removing panelling and a closet that was twice the size, cramping the whole room.  With a fresh start, we framed in a closet that works with the space.  We re insulated walls and ceiling complete with 6 mil vapour barrier.  Then came boarding and taping, priming and painting.  We then set to work building a custom oak bench seat stained with dark walnut stain and two coats of Stays Clear acrylic clear coat.  Exquisite!!


Old Post Repair

Portfolio Categories: Special Projects.

After some time, posts on the century homes can start to rot out from the bottom.  We can restore the base so it looks like new and functions as it should.  As you can see from the picture, this whole section was bad, so we ended up cutting out all the rotten wood and glueing in new material, shaping it until we matched existing.  It was then primed with Benjamin Moore Fresh Start and painted with two coats of Benjamin Moore Aura Exterior.