Make it Better!

Sometimes things are at the end of their life or just in need of replacing.  Our company specializes in finding solutions for these situations.  Maybe it’s a basement that is dated with panelling on the walls, carpeting and old doors.  We can renovate the space and by changing the walls to drywall, floor to laminate on Dri core™ and some new 6 panel doors with brushed nickel knobs, modernize the space and making it more attractive to spend time in.

Maybe the bathroom is a bit tired and could use a facelift. Our company specializes in these renovations and gets rave reviews on our finished product.  We can assist with the planning of your project and work directly with you to design a layout that appeals to you.  Maybe you would like in-floor heat, a custom tiled shower with custom shower pan, a new ceiling fan that is quieter than a mouse or maybe you would like a walk-in bathtub for more comfort.  We can help!